Enhance @ Rehab Week

During Rehab Week London, the enhance project presented a session on the results of the project so far. An audience of about 80 people were attending the session.

Bart Koopman started the session with his talk Assistive technology for people with limited mobility

He was followed by Aldo Faisal on Multi-Modal Gaze-Control for Robotic Restoration of Movement Part 1, Part 2,

Gerdienke Prange presented the results of the first user tests in Validation of the eNHANCEgaze-controlled arm support systems: User views from stroke

Jackie Pitchforth ended the session with her presentation on Usability of the eNHANCE device in the adolescent DMD population: Lessons Learnt.

Afterwards there were questions and further informal discussion, which we thought was really useful.

Thanks to Jaap for organizing the session and to all who made this possible.