Bioservo Technologies is one of the early leaders in the development and manufacturing of strengthening robotic gloves used for Medical & Elderly Care, Craftsmen & Tools, Heavy Industry and Leisure & Empowerment. Bioservo has gained large interest and publicity, selected as one of the 20 most innovative companies in Sweden by the Swedish Institute.

Bioservo was founded based on world-class research and knowledge from both the medicine and the robotic field. Founders are still part owners today and bring key understanding of Robotics from the Royal Institute of Technology with key understanding of medical challenges from Karolinska University Hospital. Bioservo has gathered significant experience with the current SEM GloveTM, targeting people with weak, impaired hand and arm function. Bioservo aims to be a technology leader in assistive and compensatory aids for patients with hand and arm impairment and in assistive aids to rehabilitation in ADL context where the patient gets direct feedback and positive impact of his progress in rehabilitation.

Bioservo’s core team has an extensive expertise in the following areas

  • New product development and go to market (Tomas Ward, CEO)
  • Development of Medical Device and product development, standardization and CE certification (Stefan Eriksson, CTO)
  • Innovation, IPR management, System, modelling and control (Co-Founder PhD Johan Ingvast, Head of R&D
  • Development of mechatronics devices (Prof. Jan Wikander, Advisor, Royal Institute of Technology)
  • Neuroresearch projects (Prof. Dr. Hans von Holst, Advisor, Karolinska University Hospital)


Bioservo will develop hardware and software technologies required to build the eNHANCE prototype:

  • Develop algorithms and evaluate EMG hardware, orientation hardware, for detecting the user intention (WP2)
  • Adapt the biomechatronics device to paralyzed users (WP2)
  • Integrate the biomechatronics device with the multimodal input systems (WP2)
  • Contribute to the dissemination of the project results in selected AAL seminars and industry tradeshows (WP6)

• Develop a business plan for the technology developed in the project (WP2, deliverable D2.10)