Burglary, extension and other project updates.

Before Christmas, there was a harsh overnight burglary where a lot of our equipment was stolen. The pictures below clearly show the bricks they used to smash through the windows and the mess they made.

We were forced to order new equipment.  It’s pretty specialized, so we figured it would take more time than was actually available, with the project ending January 31st, 2019. Therefore, we submitted an amendment for a two months extension. This would enable us to set up a new system and actually perform some patient testing. Fortunately, the amendment was granted within a day! (The day before the Christmas break, I think we all wanted to get it over with :))

In other good news, we have been able to rebuild the system and set it up at a different location for patient testing. We say this casually, but it actually means the system is robust enough to disassemble, transport and set up in a different location again, something we feared for a long time would be not be happening within the project’s timeframe.

We are really proud of everyone in the project who put in the extra mile to act swiftly for all the decisions necessary for the amendment, ordering new machinery and putting in all the extra effort in rebuilding the system. A big thank you to all!

And now for something completely different…. on to the patient testing!



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